Agathi’s Handmade Crochet, Lace and Handcrafted Olive Wood – Kassiopi, Corfu

While we were in Corfu enjoying the friendly atmosphere wonderful food and of course, the sunshine, we visited Kassiopi which is bigger than San Stefanos where we were staying but still a relatively small place. The photo below, provided by Agathi as you can see was taken in 1963, this little place has definitely grown over the last 50 years.

I met Agathi in Kassiopi when we were here last year, she is such an inspiration with amazing talent and so many skills, crocheting, knitting, lace making, weaving, whatever I take to show her she can tell me more about it. Oh how I long to absorb all her knowledge.

I couldn’t wait to go back to her shop this year, it is a veritable treasure trove of wonderful things, they are literally everywhere………

……….hung are tablecloths in all shapes and sizes in featuring handmade lace and embroidery………

………more cloths, sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads are stashed and stacked on shelves along with the paintings by one of her sons………

………on hangers are napkins and smaller tablecloths………

………in bowls, on the counter in shelving.  A zillion things in this little shop, from carpets and rugs to baby shoes, bibs and Christmas Angels.

Shelves are piled high with hand embroidered sheets, table cloths of all sizes just waiting to be snatched up.

Crochet is very fashionable in Europe and Agathi makes a range of different clothing and accessories.

They are a talented family, Agathi’s other son creates with olive wood, his wonderful creations are also available in the shop.

There is an area dedicated to his work with the shelves bursting with options.

All these beauties are turned on the lathe he imported.

My favourite is this pestle and mortar but unfortunately it was too heavy to bring back, I will try to allow for the weight on the return flight next time.

For a small shop Agathi is amazingly busy. If you ever have the pleasure of going to Corfu I would definitely recommend a visit.

6 thoughts on “Agathi’s Handmade Crochet, Lace and Handcrafted Olive Wood – Kassiopi, Corfu

  1. loujack60Louise Jack August 1, 2015 / 09:58

    Hi there, just discovered your blog! Is it possible to contact Agathi? I cannot find telephone number or e-mail. Does she just have one shop on Corfu. Would she be willing to post goods to UK? Many thanks. Louise


    • August 7, 2015 / 21:00

      I dont believe they have a website and I am not sure if Agathi ships to the uk but it is always worth contacting to ask. Tel (26630) 81315, I am sorry but I don’t know the country code for Greece. Hope you are successful, please let me know how you get on.


  2. Helen Twinkle Cullen May 4, 2014 / 15:14

    Hi,, I have just discovered your blog and found the ideas and tutorials brilliant and shared your site with friends.
    The crochet angels in this article are beautiful, are these something you have done too? or if not, are planning to 🙂


    • May 6, 2014 / 21:12

      I am so pleased to welcome you to The Grange Range, regrettably the crochet angels I have are a present from the lovely Agathi in Corfu. I hope to go back there on holiday and will ask her to show me how to make them, they are so cute.


    • March 21, 2013 / 07:54

      You are absolutely right, they are all so talented. Thank you for visiting, I loved your blog, great photos. All the snow made me really miss skiing, we have not been this year 😦


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