Amish Puzzle Ball and Crochet Boots Swap

I was reading through posts one day and came across some lovely crochet slippers made by Simply Hooked with an offer I could not resist. A swap request, offering a pair crochet slippers in exchange for an Amish Puzzle Ball, “well” I thought to myself “I have made these puzzle balls before and I would love those gorgeous slippers”. So here it is ready to be shipped off.

Crochet Amish Puzzle BallAnd here are the said gorgeous slippers!

Crochet SlippersWe exchanged emails and Simply Hooked agreed to my swap offer and chose the colours for the Puzzle Ball. If you haven’t seen one before I will try to explain how it works. You make twelve triangular pouches and three rows of lids. Each row of lids is attached to four pouches stuffing each pouch before finally closing it off.

So you end up with these.

Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball Pieces

First you interlock 2 of the finished rounds.

Amish Puzzle Ball Connections

Then the last round fits into the gaps to make a round ball.

I love this pattern so much, they are quite quick to make and there are animal versions too. I made an Elephant shown in a previous post here.

If you fancy making your own puzzle ball you can download the free pattern from Ravelry Amish Puzzle Ball Pattern, there is also a flower version which is delightful. These two  patterns are kindly available free thanks to Dedri Uys.

The Elephant Puzzle Ball pattern is available to purchase on Ravelry too. Dedri is obviously quite dedicated, I talked in my post about how struggled a little with the elephant head and Dedri was kind enough to contact me and advise that she had altered the pattern and asked if I made one again would I let her know if it was better. How kind was that?

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Mollie and Claire’s Lace Leaf Shawl KAL

Yes please I thought when Claire from Mollie and Claire offered to do this KAL.

Lace Leaf Shawl KAL 1

I am a little behind but wanted to show that I have started and will be focussing on catching up over the next few days.

It was rather lucky that I had this colourful yarn in my stash and have been wondering what I could use it for. It is rather fine for me to knit with but I feel it is perfect for this KAL. I hope Mollie approves.

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Yorkshire Beard Day

Do you remember I told you about Yorkshire Beard Day? My friend had a stall full of crazy knitted beards. I made one too here and was so happy when it sold!

The lady who bought it kindly allowed me to take a photo of her wearing it.

Crochet Woolly Beard Then a friend came along with a matching real beard!

Crochet Woolly Beard sold




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Heidi Bears Crochet African Flower Stegosaurus

Meet Stan the Stegosaurus. Yes this is unmistakeable as another pattern from Heidi Bears design catalogue.

Basket of yarn coloursThe making up part of the Stegosaurus pattern is different from the Bluebird of Happinness, you make the outer edge of each hexagon as you put him together. It took me a while to appreciate quite how this would work, but neverthelesss I set to and made all the flowers. It was very satisfying sitting with all the lovely colours in a neat row like little soldiers whilst I worked down the line selecting each colour in turn to create the flower centres ready to create my historic creature.

Making Stan the Heidi Bears StegosaurusIt has to be said, the pattern is huge, I started to print it out and the pages just kept on coming off the printer, I started to wonder if I had asked the printer for several copies! Eventually it stopped and I browsed through the umpteen pages feeling more daunted by the page!

But don’t be put off, this story has a happy ending as you can see. Once I got started it was so easy to follow, it takes you step by step with great photo tutorials for every hexie you join. Starting with the tail………..

Stegosaurus Tail

……………. then the hind legs……………

Stegosaurus Hind Legs……………..the back, belly and fore legs…………

Stegosaurus Fore Legs………………… finally the neck and head.

Then once the body is completed you make the spikes for along his back.

Crochet Stegosaurus Complete

Once fully assembled Stan the steg took a little break on the stool before heading out for a forage in the garden.

Heidi Bears African Flower Stegosaurus 3If you fancy making a Stegosaurus yourself you can purchase the pattern from Heidi Bears



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Large and Small Hot Hibiscus Tea Cosies

Tea cosies to brighten any afternoon tea party.

I found the Hot Hibiscus Tea Cosy pattern on Ravelry amongst a myriad of designs. It was hard to decide which one to make there were so many, there were flowery ones, plain ones, tea cosies with just about every kind of animal either crawling out of or sitting on top.

Crochet Hot Hibiscus Tea Cosy Large

This one shows the smaller of the two a little better but it is before the flower was attached to the top.

Crochet Hot Hibiscus Tea Cosy Small

This is such a clever pattern, the braiding effect is so simple to do yet so effective. The tea cosy is made in two halves as many of them are, you work along the stripey rows adding chain stitches periodically between the single crochet.

Braiding the Tea CosyThen you thread them through each other from the bottom to the top and secure them whilst doing the decrease rows. You can see above I have looped the vertical braids on the far left and the far right hand sides leaving the two centre rows so you can see the chains.

How simple is that?

Once both sides are completed and sewn together you can make and attach the flower for the top. It really finishes it off nicely.

Crochet Flower Atop the Tea Cosy

I made the larger of the two in a couple of evenings then a friend asked if I could make a cosy for her little one cup tea pot, the only stipulation was could it include yellow to match her little tea pot. I picked out thses colours and got straight onto making a second one.

Small Crochet Tea Cosy Colours

The pattern kindly incldes instructions for both the large and small sizes. So here they are side by side until the little one goes to it’s new home.

Crochet Hot Hibiscus Tea Cosies


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African Flower – Bluebird of Happiness

I loved this bird as soon as I saw the pattern and just knew I had to make one, and now I have made one I want to make another!

Crochet African Flower Bluebird 2

I made all the African Flower Pentagons before starting to join the bird together.

Making Crochet African Flowers

First I made all the yellow centres, then the turquoise flowers followed by the yellow trim.

Making African Flower HexagonsFinally the blue rounds were completed.

Crochet African Flower HexagonsI have always fancied making one of Heidi Bears animal patterns but thought it wise to start with a small one just to break myself in, next be the Stegosaurus!

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Scheepieswol CAL Completed

I have kept the words to a minimum as this is such a long post with all the images of each week. I did enjoy making this blanket even though the yarn and hook size were finer and smaller than I usually like to work with.  I find that smaller hooks are more stressfull on my wrist.

Crochet Scheepieswol Blanket Joining Edges

I made this for a very close friend and I am pleased to report that she was very happy with the finished blanket. There is something special for me in gifting a blanket, I think it’s because it’s a timeless item and is a reflection of our friendship.

Crochet Scheepieswol Blanket Complete

So here are the week by week images.

Week 1

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 1

Week 2

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 2

Week 3

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 3 Week 4

I did start with the intention of doing all the squares in single colours but just could not continue when I got to week 4, I thought the flowers were just crying out to be shown off.

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 4Week 5

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 5Week 6

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 6 Week 7

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 7 Week 8

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 8 Week 9

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 9 Week 10

Scheepieswol CAL Pattern Week 10All squares joined and finished with a simple edging.

Crochet Scheepieswol Blanket BorderMy grateful thanks to A Creative Being for running this CAL, I commend you for the way you delivered the patterns, so easy to follow and keeping the printing to a minimum.

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