Crochet Leaf Garland on a Trellis

Who says you can’t have colourful foliage all year round? Crochet your own Leaf Garland and let it wind it’s way around a garden trellis.

Crochet Leaf Garland 2

The beauty is you can choose the colours you want to use, not sure if I have ever seen turquoise leaves in reality but I liked the colour combo so who cares about reality?

The trick is to twist the leaves as you place them on the trellis to give some dimension to them. They don’t look as real if you fix them to your trellis flat. I tried to take a photo from an angle to show this but am afraid it was quite difficult to get the shot right.

Crochet Leaf Garland 4

I have done this leafy garland before and the last time I stiffened the leaves with PVA glue but this time I tried it without the glue and it works just as well. There are 3 garlands altogether on this one so it’s nice and leafy.

Crochet Leaf Garland 3

Once you have made enough garlands for your trellis its good to wind them roughly into place before finally fixing them. This way you can make sure that you have enough and they are evenly spread across your display area.

Here is the whole thing to give you a better idea of how the full piece looks.

Crochet Leaf Garland

The 2 I made in the summer sold for £25.00 each so made a good contribution to our chatiry fund. This one has been made to order so will be going to take up residence in a new home soon.

18 thoughts on “Crochet Leaf Garland on a Trellis

  1. Bekka Poo January 20, 2015 / 14:43

    This is pretty and creative! Like a little yarn bomb for the home.


    • January 20, 2015 / 21:03

      Yes thanks, I would like to make more for our home but I always seem to have projects for presents on the go. One day maybe……..


    • January 20, 2015 / 21:00

      Thanks, I think you could add roses too to make a rose vine but I would make the leaves either all the same green or with very subtle difference in colour.


  2. TheQuiltMeister January 19, 2015 / 22:39

    Really nice, and great colours


  3. peagreencrafts January 19, 2015 / 16:02

    These are lovely. Would be really lovely for garden parties.


    • January 19, 2015 / 20:18

      Yes, what a good idea, we put them outside for the yarn bombing project last year, they stood the weather very well. I keep saying to people that it is only the same as getting a jumper wet in the rain and they usually dry out ok.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. lovelucie1 January 19, 2015 / 12:55

    This made me smile. Is it intended for indoor use? We have an exterior brick wall as one of internal walls to our conservatory. Something like this would look fabulous!


    • January 19, 2015 / 20:17

      Glad I made you smile, it is for a friend who is going to put it in her conservatory leading into her garden. It could work well on a nice brick wall.


  5. *Wisher* January 19, 2015 / 12:30

    this is beautiful.. and the colours are well matched.. 😉
    Love it.


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