Crochet Baby Blanket Pretty In Pink

Excited to share more baby blanket news.Baby Blanket Pink 2

Using the pinks from my recently acquired stash of yarn I set to work.
Pink Baby Blanket Yarn

These scrumptious squares make me think of sweet little fondant iced buns.
Pile of Squares It was easier this time as I was simply following the pattern I devised for the blue baby blanket so I just set straight to it and made a stack of squares for the outer edge. Centre SquaresFlower squares for the centre bordered with a simple treble 1 chain 1 border.
Granny Squares The simple border in turn surrounded by the old favourite.

Yes, of course I mean granny squares.Outer SquaresFollowing the granny style pattern I added a few more rounds in the pale pink, 5 to be precise, before attaching the little fondant fancy squares to form the outer border.Baby Blanket Pink And last but not least a couple of rounds of single crochet to finish off. There you have it, a matching pink baby blanket partner for the minty blue one made earlier.

Cherry BlossomForgive this random addition but I keep seeing so many wonderful photos from people’s gardens I thought I would share my cherry blossom with you too.

Every spring it gives a spectacular show of blossoms and is one of my favourites in our garden. Sadly these wonderful, but fragile, blooms only last 2 to 3 weeks, and if we get a spell of wet and blustery weather even that can be cut short! It was a bit late this year (a bit like my sharing this image with you) and has shed it’s pale pink petals for this year, so we will just have to enjoy the rest of the garden till it’s time comes again.

Happy hooking!!


I love to explore woolly projects, I knit and crochet and I’m developing a growing interest in gardening and photography, as well as an intrigue into how these projects may intertwine and overlap.
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24 Responses to Crochet Baby Blanket Pretty In Pink

  1. Ginny says:

    Aw, I love your blankets! So sweet! And the colors are scrumptious and the squares are adorable.

  2. Barb Canonico says:

    I just came across your little blanket and love the design… I started making a throw for my granddaughter and threw out the magazine it was in by mistake. I have about thirty squares finished and was thinking of possibly doing something like the design in yours. Any chance you could share the pattern with me. I am thinking of making it a little bigger… Any help will be greatly appreciated…

    • I am so flattered that you have asked and would gladly share the pattern if I had one. I just made it up as I went along but I have had many requests for information so would love to write the pattern however time is a problem for me. I can email you the pattern for the flower sqare as I have done this before for previous enquiries. I do hope you share your finished blanket as I would love to see it.

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  4. Felicia says:

    I love this blanket! My cousin is having a baby and I would live to make this for her. I just have no idea how to make the middle 6 squares, and way you can tell me how?

  5. I love the blanket!
    Whatever baby it goes to is very lucky! 😀

  6. Simply Knots says:

    Oh my goodness, I love your blankets! Thanks for stopping by my blog, because I’m definitely following yours!😀

  7. youngatfifty says:

    That’s a lovely blanket in soft colours. Mine turned out bright and bold !!

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  9. Lori Ono says:

    Great blanket! I also love “little fondants” to describe the palette.

  10. Katrina Pierce says:

    These colors are fantastic! Like a sweet little confectionery treat! Love it.

  11. Ruta Gr. says:

    Your blankets are wonderful! I love the idea of granny squares!🙂

  12. Its so pretty…love the color combination as well….thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh my! I love this. This is adorable.

  14. nanacathy2 says:

    Nice enough to eat!

  15. Like little fondants – love it!

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