Knitted Jumper with Floral Embellishment

Another WIP on the completed list, I am so happy with myself for sticking to my resolution to get on top of my project stash.

Flower JumperThis one is a jumper for little Miss E and it has been sat in the box for far too long! All it needed was sewing together and the neck knitting. I got that bit done and then had some fun with flowers. I love making little flowers, then a touch of embroidery to complete the stems.

Flower Jumper Front Close upAs usual I was making it up as I go and having used a variety of sizes on the front I decided to try a greater contrast in size on the back.

Flower Jumper BackI really liked how this looked and wished I had done it on the front but it was too late to go back and start undoing so, to add to the front I thought a little something on the sleeve may work.

Flower Jumper Sleeve Detail 2Happy with that so now I can declare another ta-dah………………