Crochet Stripy Mouse

I wanted to make an animal that would match the colourful baby blanket I made. For some reason I have had a recent hankering to make a giraffe. I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked so thought I would have a go at making one up. ¬†I had a picture in my mind about how he would look with lots of colourful stripes and long, long limbs.

Stripy Mouse YarnAll was going well until I got so engrossed with the decreasing at the top of the body that I forgot to make the long long neck………………..ooops!

Stripy Mouse Head and BodyNot being one to enjoy taking things back I decided he would become a mouse instead and made some nice big ears and a long nose.

Stripy Mouse Ears and NoseI forgot to do the long neck but made up for it by making loooong legs.

Stripy Mouse Legs 2He is not quite the long legged stripy giraffe I started out making but I am sure I will love him when he is finished.

Need to make the arms next, sew on his facial features and put all the pieces together. Here is a sneak preview of his parts so far pinned into place and with black headed pins posing as eyes..

Stripy Mouse Pinned Together