Innocent Smoothie Bottle Hats for Age UK

Did you answer the call?

Innocent Smoothie Bottle Hats

I did but unfortunately I saw the request a little late so have only had time to make 3 hats.

It is such a wonderful idea, the Innocent Drinks company will donate 25p to Age UK for every little hat they receive. Isn’t that great? It is called The Big Knit, I would have loved to make more but sadly have run out of time.

There were even links to patterns. I made the Tortoise and the Owl.

Innocent Smoothie Bottle Hat Tortoise

Innocent Smoothie Bottle Top Owl

I did try to make my own Frog but I think I will work on the pattern as there is room for improvement.

Innocent Smoothie Bottle Hat Frog

I was so inspired by this post on Love Lucie enticing we crafters to make hats for smoothie bottles in return for the 25p donation. Now I have the link to the patterns I will make them throughout the year in readiness for next time (I hope there is a next time). They do seem to have done it for a few years now according to some of the other posts I have read.

Check out some of the links below, so many cute little hats!

A Beanie Hat to Go With My Scarf

Well I know it doesn’t exactly match in terms of the pattern but I think it works with the matching colours.

Although a beanie hat is a simple little project I have never made one before so I am really happy with how it has turned out, and it actually fits! I always have problems with getting hats to sit comfortably which is really frustrating as I love to wear them.

Crochet Beanie Hat Stripy Crown Starting with simple stripes for the crown.

Crochet Beanie Hat Clusters Moving into crochet clusters for the body of the hat.

Crochet Beanie Hat Stripes Then finishing with some more of my favourite, stripes.

Crochet Beanie Hat

I have never tried to photograph anything as difficult as this before, this one of the hat on it’s own look rather sad but it does show how it looks from the front.

Lastly I apologise to all those who have asked about the pattern for this scarf because I was very remiss and forgot to add it the previous post, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf Pattern

Pot Holders for Afternoon Tea

‘Why can’t I find pot holders any more?” This is what I was asked recently whilst on a short break in Ripon.

The hotel owner saw me crocheting in the lounge and asked me this question, so when I got home I had a look online and found that there are many around but made by, and advertised amongst craft enthusiasts. I could not find any nice ones for sale in high street stores. Always keen to take on a new challenge I scoured my computers pages for some patterns and set to work to produce…….

Trio of Pot Holders

I think that pot holders will really enhance that old fashioned english tradition of taking tea. At the The Old Deanery where we stayed in Ripon tea was wonderfully presented in silver tea pots with a pot of hot water and, yes really, sugar lumps, where do you see those today? We loved it. It was the perfect accompaniment to an hour of crafting (me) and reading (hubby) in the lounge before heading out to see the art exhibition in the Catherdral.

Morning Tea and Crochet

The hotel owner said she has lots more teapots but without the bakerlite handles so they get too hot to hold, hence the quest for pot holders. I added the loop so they could be hooked onto the lid of the teapot to be ready in place when the tea is suitably brewed and ready to pour.

Star Pot Holder on Teapot So here we have a close up of each one, starting with Daisy, this pattern is available free from many sites but I got it from Bobbles& we are told that the pattern originates from a dutch lady but I could not find her to give the credit deserved.

Crochet Daisy Pot Holder

Next is the Flower Petals design, I did find another pattern for this but found that I preferred using the Blooming Flower cushion version from Attic 24. I just did less rounds of course.

Crochet Flower Pot Holder

Then lastly is the Star Flower, this pattern I found here at . I think this is my favourite but then I touch the others and they all feel so nice in the hand I keep changing my mind.

Crochet Star Flower Pot HolderThese are all free patterns so go on give it a whirl, they are really quick to work up however this last one took me a while to get all the twists into position.

The only thing I have not told you is that I used Debbie Bliss Bella, 85% cotton, 10% silk, 5% cashmere so they are rather luxurious. The cotton works well as it has a nice grip to it and where the pot holder pattern twists and folds you get a double thickness for heat protection. Not sure if I should look for some better value cotton yarn, any suggestions?

Floral Cushion Work in Progress

The pattern for these gorgeous little flowers was found purely by accident one day whilst perusing Ravelry, and what a great find, aren’t they cute. It’s not easy to show in the images but the way they are made gives them a great depth and texture. They are great for using up scraps too, I am using Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran scraps that I have left from making our daughters blanket last year.

Floal Cushion Yarn Basket

The mistake I made was not following the instruction in the pattern about joining the flowers together as I went, I just merrily went on my way making them all individually and pinning them onto my cushion. I wanted to be free to arrange and re-arrange the colours. No problem, or so I thought. I would simply sew them together at the end. Oh dear, I definitely do not recommend this, it is taking me ages!

Floral Cushion Pinned

It will be worth it in the end I am sure but it is not a mistake I would make twice. They do look good but as you can see I do have a way to go yet.

Floral Cushion Joining Flowers

The pattern is by Adi Keren available on Ravelry here there is such a lovely story behind it too, Adi along with other members of the family made flowers then Adi brought them all together to create a gorgeous blanket for her nephew. She explains that between them they used scraps in blues and greens in a mixture of yarn types and weights, this added even more texture.

The Colours of Spring

I have been very busy behind the scenes these last couple of weeks but as promised here is my lovely stash of yarn.

Stylecraft DK YarnsAs you can see I have already been using some of it, I got busy with the blues first………………….

Stack of Squares………………and made this lovely stack of squares for the outer edge of a baby blanket in cool minty blues and greens.

Edge SquaresI wanted to mix things up a bit and as I love granny squares so much.

Baby Blanket Granny SquaresThen these little beauties for the centrepiece.

Baby Blanket Flower SquaresHere is how I joined them all together.

Baby Blanket 2Now to get on with a matching one in Pinks!

Pay Day Shopping Madness

Just had a mini shopping spree, well why not? It’s the end of the month and I have just received my reward for working hard over the last 4 weeks. I have treated myself to some yarn to make a couple of baby blankets from this site Deramores, it was recommended by a fellow blogger. They have a great selection but after mulling through for about 10 minutes my yarn of choice was Stylecraft DK, very reasonably priced and a range of 55 lovely colours to choose from. I have selected a range of blues, pinks, greens and yellows in a mixture of soft and muted tones with a neutral cream to link them all together, soooooo excited! I will take photos and share with you when it arrives.

Then when I checked my inbox for confirmation of my order I found an email from The Discovery Store . I bought a few bits from them at Christmas which were all well received so when I saw the offer of 20% off I couldn’t resist a little peek.

I love these colourful birdhouses.decorative-bird-houses

But if I am going to treat myself I will have to get something for my lovely Hubby, mmmmmmm what do you think about this?

allears_pak_mensIt will definitely appeal to his sense of humour.

Anyway now I have enjoyed a bit of retail therapy I am going to finish off the last of the 4 blankets this evening,  just a couple of rounds of edging to do and I should be ready to share a great Tah-da moment with you all!

Colourful Crochet Blanket – No 3 of 4

I have to confess that I haven’t got these posts in very good order as I made this blanket first, before doing the boy’s wave pattern blankets but this post is a bit more detailed so has taken a bit more time to put together. For the benefit of anyone who has not read the other posts on this subject we have 4 children who are now fully grown and independent and I wanted to make a blanket for each of them.

This one is for our youngest daughter Miss A.

First step was to confirm the colours, I had a head start with this blanket as the basis was to follow the colours used in the Blooming Flower cushion I had already made for her last year.

Rico Essentials Soft Merino AranNext was the planning stage. This was the first blanket I was to attempt using squares rather than one continuous pattern so there was going to be a learning curve here.

My Mum bought me Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans for my birthday. This is a wonderful book and flicking through all the gorgeous squares set my creative juices flowing. It is amazing how using different colours can change to look of a design completely.

Also on page 16 titled Mixing and Matching Blocks there was a fantastic tip to help with setting out your design, it suggests you make 1 of each of your selection of squares then photocopy several of each of them, then you can play with them to your heart’s content, laying them out this way and that until you are happy with how they look. If you do enough you can lay out your whole blanket.Crochet Blanket - Planning the design.However, be warned you can spend ages setting out your squares in a whole variety of patterns. I spent the whole of one Sunday afternoon crawling around the lounge floor trying combination after combination, all the family got involved and of course, everyone had an alternative view on the preferred pattern. Above is just one example but as you will see from the finished images it is not the one I went with in the end.

As I was too indecisive about the layout and began to question the viability of some of the samples I had done. After so much experimentation and deliberation I thought it better to move into action and just start making some squares. The first pattern I confirmed I wanted to include was Pattern 98 Old Vienna

Crochet Square - Old ViennaThe next square was a bit more tricky as I designed it myself, I wanted this blanket to compliment the Blooming Flower cushion so using the style of this pattern I made a small 3 layer version of the flower. Then I worked out a way of picking up behind the flower to form a square around it, all the squares need to be of the same proportion so there was a bit of trial and error to get it to the required size but I was happy with my final effort.Flower Square for BlanketThe third and final pattern was again based on a pattern from Jan Eaton’s book, pattern number 37 Pin Stripes. I used many more colours than the pattern suggests but I liked the broad and narrow stripes created by the use of single and double crochet.Crochet Square stripy designI settled on using just the 3 patterns with the placement of the squares in a diagonal fashion alternating thus: flower, old vienna, pin stripe, old vienna but each row in a different colour combination. This was a rather self-indulgent method as playing with colours is my favourite part of a project.

I was pleased with how the pattern and the colours worked with the Blooming Flower Cushion.


I must admit that joining all the squares did take sone patience. Firstly I tried sewing them but was not very happy with the finish so I crocheted then together by placing right sides together and joining the back of each loop.

To frame the squares I wanted something that would maintain the colour element but nothing to frilly or lacy so after trying a few different looks I decided on a simple stripe in double crochet.


This worked easily around the corners too.


And finally it was finished and thrown onto the bed in the bedroom of the lovely Miss A.

ColourfulBlanket-BedspreadNext project is the final blanket for Miss L…………

Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas – Storage Pots In Romantic White Cotton

I had been looking for some nice presents to make for my lovely girls for Christmas. Last year I made some cute little slippers, cushions and fingerless gloves, so I wanted something completely different this year.

And I found it here, these gorgeous little boxes, I love the bright colours in the pattern but I wanted to keep it simple and try them in white.

I used white cotton which looks really natural. They will look so cute on the french colonial style dressing table and be great for storing all those little earrings and bits and bobs that generally clutter up the place.

Each box has it’s own lid but I think that they would be equally useful just as little pots. Now I have done them in white I am going to do them it some brights too.

Thank you for the great pattern zoomyummy, these are really quick to make and very satisfying. I bought 3 patterns here and would definitely recommend a visit to this lovely blog.