Look What I Won from the Love Lucie Draw

I was so excited today, when I got to work I had a brown box waiting for me. Home time could not come soon enough as I was dying to open it up to reveal the contents.

Love Lucie Box of GoodiesI closely follow the musings and crafting of the multi talented Lucie, she drives me crazy because she can bake, crochet and sew, and now she has added knitting to her list of skills! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet you should pop over now and treat yourself to a peek¬†lovelucie¬†. But before you go let me share my delights with you.

I was entered into a draw in celebration of Lucie’s 100th post and all I had to do was to leave a comment which was easy.

So here is a closer view of my lucky stash starting with four handmade gift cards.

Love Lucie CardsA foxy little notebook.

Love Lucie NotebookThree wonderfully aromatic lavender hearts that have already made their way into my wardrobe and draws.

Love Lucie Lavender HeartsA pencil case that will come in very handy for keeping my crochet accessories in. Don’t you just love the lining?

Love Lucie Pencil CaseTwo gorgeous little key chains, perfect, one for my home keys and one for my work keys.

Love Lucie Crochet Key RingsAnd last but certainly not least a very wise looking Owl Cushion.

Love Lucie Owl CushionI am completely blown away by all these lovely gifts, I am sure that like me you are constantly busy creating and making but always for someone else. It is so wonderful to be the lucky recipient, thank you so, so, so, much Lucie I love them all.

If you want to treat yourself or need some Christmas gifts like the above you could call in and shop with Lucie on Folksy.