Happy Flowers – An Addition to the Secret Project Box

I cannot stop making these flowers! It is easy to see why they have been named Happy, they are so colourful and uplifting for the spirit. Which ever colours you put together they work.

Crochet Happy Flowers

Another great pattern from Lucy at Attic24, the Happy Flower. The tutorials have plenty of images so you can be sure you are getting it right as you go along.

3 Crochet Happy Flowers

3 more Crochet Happy Flowers

I have used my trusty stash of Stylecraft DK.

Stylecraft Yarn Stash

I find this such a great yarn to use for decorative projects and the colour range is fantastic, over 50 shades to choose from at a great price too. I have ordered from both Wool Warehouse and Sconch Textiles depending on who has the colours I need at time, both companies offer great service and fast delivery.

Happy Flowers



Sweetie Tree Edible Party Decorations

Sweetie Flowere Trees

Just for a change from wooly projects I got together with a friend to create these fun sweetie trees. An edible decoration for a party, it was so much fun making them. First we had to enlist the skills of another to set the sticks into the plant pots.

Setting the Stick in the PotThe floral sticks are actually the handle for my dustpan and brush set but you could use bamboo sticks or wooden doweling rods decorated with ribbon, or you could even use paint to decorate with flowers. Our lovely friend used concrete to set them but I have done this before using plaster of paris. It is good to set your chosen stakes firmly to avoid any disasters.

We wrapped the metal rings we purchased from our local garden centre with ribbon to create a base to stick the little packets of sweetheart sweeties to then mounted the rings to the top of the sticks.

Wrapping the Wreath RingsFinally we added some bows to finish them off and covered the concrete with some white paper. These make fun decorations for a party whatever the age and it’s great as you can pull off the sweets and eat them.