Shelly the Snail

Who’s beady eyes are these? And no, it’s not a monster or an alien.

Crochet Snail Eyes

Is this a cute face or what?

Crochet Snail Face

I fell in love with this little cutie and just had to buy the pattern and make one.

Shelly the Snail Crochet

Yes it is a snail, I know they are usually not well thought of as they invade your garden leaving their silvery streak behind them. But Shelly is just not that sort of snail, she is a loveable character created by Moji Moji Designs.¬†Pattern link,¬†there are smaller versions called Sheldon and Shelby too but I haven’t got around to them yet.

Here is a peek at the back.

Shelly the Snail Back

And just so you can have a full 360 view, here she is from a side view.

Shelly the Snail Side ViewI just love the frilly base, it really finishes her off and also helps her to balance.