Floral Cushion Work in Progress

The pattern for these gorgeous little flowers was found purely by accident one day whilst perusing Ravelry, and what a great find, aren’t they cute. It’s not easy to show in the images but the way they are made gives them a great depth and texture. They are great for using up scraps too, I am using Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran scraps that I have left from making our daughters blanket last year.

Floal Cushion Yarn Basket

The mistake I made was not following the instruction in the pattern about joining the flowers together as I went, I just merrily went on my way making them all individually and pinning them onto my cushion. I wanted to be free to arrange and re-arrange the colours. No problem, or so I thought. I would simply sew them together at the end. Oh dear, I definitely do not recommend this, it is taking me ages!

Floral Cushion Pinned

It will be worth it in the end I am sure but it is not a mistake I would make twice. They do look good but as you can see I do have a way to go yet.

Floral Cushion Joining Flowers

The pattern is by Adi Keren available on Ravelry here there is such a lovely story behind it too, Adi along with other members of the family made flowers then Adi brought them all together to create a gorgeous blanket for her nephew. She explains that between them they used scraps in blues and greens in a mixture of yarn types and weights, this added even more texture.

Baby Booties With Teddy Bear Faces – Lois Daykin Baby Crochet

Here at last, these cute little crochet baby shoes, I just adore the teddy bear faces on them. They were really fun to make, well maybe a bit fiddly when it came to making the ears, but they are worth a bit of faffing wouldn’t you say?

Photo: Liv Cawston

You may remember I told you back in August about my colleague NG who was expecting her second child when I wrote about the Teddy Bear (thegrangerange.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/teddy-bear-for-a-baby-boy-from-lois-daykins-baby-crochet-book/). Well the expected little man has made his entrance to the world and is now the grand old age of 2 weeks. NG and son number one, Master R, brought Baby S into the office last week to see us, so sweet, so little, so sleepy.

Big brother Master R,  was so excited as he proudly introduced little Baby S as my new sister! Well, he is only three and a half himself, bless.

Anyway back to these lovely little baby boots. I used the same as for the Teddy, Rico Soft Essentials Merino Aran from www.crafty-yarn.co.uk/shop/115/175/index.htm the delicate pale blue for the main bootee colour with beige for the face and paws and a touch of cream for the finishing touches.

I am definitely intrigued by baby shoes, you see so many fabulous designs from cute Baby Jane shoes to mock Wellies, Converse baseball styled boots and trainers.

I was a bit confused at first as other shoes that I have made have always started with the sole and worked up but with these you start at the top. By making a chain and joining to form a circle then working in rounds you create the boot cuff.Then you add the top of the boot, it looks like a big blue tongue at this stage.

Then you pick up and work in rounds again the form the sides, heel and toe.

That leaves the sole to do.

So with the sole completed and a line of cream trim around the top of the bootee it’s time to make the sweetest of Teddy Bear faces, their cuteness being the essential element for these baby feet treats.

Finally stitch the face onto the bootee, I actually applied the features before stitching on the face as it was easier to manage and gave a neat finish as any ends were tucked away.

Make another one to match and you have the cutest little Teddy Bear Bootees fit for a prince, or in this case Baby S.

Photo: Liv Cawston

This is my favourite photo of both Teddy and Booties taken by my lovely friend and photographer Liv, you can probably tell that she also took the image of the boots at the start of this post. I do my best with the photography but find it quite trying at times as I get shadows and dark patches or cannot get the composition to look on the image the way I had envisaged it in my head.  I was struggling with this image when Liv just happened to pop round and quick as a flash (pardon the pun) it is done. You can see more of Liv’s work on her website www.livcawston.co.uk . Thank you Liv.

Crochet Blooming Flower Cushion

Found a great blog and I just had to share this with you! During the rainy weekends of late I have been spending a bit of time online and came across this website/blog attic24.typepad.com/, the first thing I saw was the image of the website author Lucy holding a beautiful cushion. I was thrilled to find that there was a tutorial provided so it was just a matter of getting started as soon as possible.

As it happens I had some new yarn that my hubby bought for me, I know that might sound a bit strange but we were supposed to be going out and I was all ready to go and was looking for some new wool on one of my favourite wool shops www.blacksheepwools.com while he got ready. When he came downstairs 20 minutes later and I was still ‘waffing about’ as he put it, I was deliberating about which colours to choose you see! He took the computer, promptly ordered a ball of each colour, closed the computer and said “you can buy more of the colour you like the best. Can we go and eat now?”

Now very grateful for his intervention I am using his selection from the Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran range as follows. I picked out these darker shades as the base.

These lighter shades to balance out the base colours.

And these lovely brights to add some zing!

Here they are altogether. Don’t you think they look scrumptious?

The finished cushion on my little wooden chair, I am really very pleased with it.

The pattern is very clever using both the front and the back of the stitches to form the petals.

The tutorial for the pattern is really clear and easy to follow with lots of pictures so you can check at every stage that you are executing the pattern correctly.

The back follows the same colourful stripes as the front in treble crochet. I did have a bit of trouble with the dome shape formed on the back but used a little crochet flower in both the front and the back to pull a little dimple in the centre of the cushion which I think worked well. Thank you for sharing Lucy, I think I might pop back onto the Attic to see what else I can make………

Here is a link to the Blooming Flower cushion tutorial from Lucy. http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/blooming-flower-cushion.html/