Joining in with Friday Fences

Thanks to the quirky humour of Nanacathy I have discovered Friday’s Fences, this is a site that invites you to post a photo of a fence or a view through a fence. So here goes……..

Dog Bark Bend in the ValleyNear where I work is a lovely valley so I often drive down to park in one of the little pull in car parks and eat my lunch. Dog Bark Bend is one of my favourite spots so I thought it would be a good one to share with Friday’s Fences.

This feels like a good time to disclose a fascination I have that is maybe a bit weird………… Trees that look like something.

I am not crazy honestly, it all stated about 15 years ago when I spotted a dead tree at the side of the main road out of town that resembled an elephant stood on his hind legs with his trunk extended to the sky. I mentioned it to a few people and quickly found that I was not the only person to have made this observation. I often thought about taking a photo but was always hurrying somewhere, or forgot to take my camera. Then one year there were some terrible thunder storms and said elephant tree was struck by lightning, he sadly lost his trunk and promptly ceased to resemble anything other than a dead tree!

But since then I have noticed other forms in trees and in my lovely valley is a great wooden snake rising out from the edge of a field reaching for the skies.

Tree Snake SilhouetteOn a more sane note I also snapped some dying seed heads bobbing in the breeze against a blue sky laden with feathery clouds.

Grass seedheadsagainst cloudy skyMore hooking news to follow this holiday weekend, hope you all enjoy this extended weekend break.

Deer Visiting in the Garden

We get Deer regularly in our garden but I can never get a good image of them as they are so timid and run as soon as they hear the door opening. These are the best I have managed so far.

Deer Looking for Food in the GardenThey are lovely to see but can be a bit of a pest as they eat your flowers.

There are actually two of them, can you just see the other one behind the tree?

Deer in the GardenI did not have time to change my lens so the picture is a bit blurry.

As soon as they heard the click of the camera they were off like a shot.

Deer Departing from the GardenThey look so amusing, all you see is their little white bums bouncing as they make their hurried departure.

Last year we had a family of foxes who visited regularly, I am hoping to catch them for you too soon.