Happy Flowers – An Addition to the Secret Project Box

I cannot stop making these flowers! It is easy to see why they have been named Happy, they are so colourful and uplifting for the spirit. Which ever colours you put together they work.

Crochet Happy Flowers

Another great pattern from Lucy at Attic24, the Happy Flower. The tutorials have plenty of images so you can be sure you are getting it right as you go along.

3 Crochet Happy Flowers

3 more Crochet Happy Flowers

I have used my trusty stash of Stylecraft DK.

Stylecraft Yarn Stash

I find this such a great yarn to use for decorative projects and the colour range is fantastic, over 50 shades to choose from at a great price too. I have ordered from both Wool Warehouse and Sconch Textiles depending on who has the colours I need at time, both companies offer great service and fast delivery.

Happy Flowers



Knitted Jumper with Floral Embellishment

Another WIP on the completed list, I am so happy with myself for sticking to my resolution to get on top of my project stash.

Flower JumperThis one is a jumper for little Miss E and it has been sat in the box for far too long! All it needed was sewing together and the neck knitting. I got that bit done and then had some fun with flowers. I love making little flowers, then a touch of embroidery to complete the stems.

Flower Jumper Front Close upAs usual I was making it up as I go and having used a variety of sizes on the front I decided to try a greater contrast in size on the back.

Flower Jumper BackI really liked how this looked and wished I had done it on the front but it was too late to go back and start undoing so, to add to the front I thought a little something on the sleeve may work.

Flower Jumper Sleeve Detail 2Happy with that so now I can declare another ta-dah………………

Floral Cushion Work in Progress

The pattern for these gorgeous little flowers was found purely by accident one day whilst perusing Ravelry, and what a great find, aren’t they cute. It’s not easy to show in the images but the way they are made gives them a great depth and texture. They are great for using up scraps too, I am using Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran scraps that I have left from making our daughters blanket last year.

Floal Cushion Yarn Basket

The mistake I made was not following the instruction in the pattern about joining the flowers together as I went, I just merrily went on my way making them all individually and pinning them onto my cushion. I wanted to be free to arrange and re-arrange the colours. No problem, or so I thought. I would simply sew them together at the end. Oh dear, I definitely do not recommend this, it is taking me ages!

Floral Cushion Pinned

It will be worth it in the end I am sure but it is not a mistake I would make twice. They do look good but as you can see I do have a way to go yet.

Floral Cushion Joining Flowers

The pattern is by Adi Keren available on Ravelry here there is such a lovely story behind it too, Adi along with other members of the family made flowers then Adi brought them all together to create a gorgeous blanket for her nephew. She explains that between them they used scraps in blues and greens in a mixture of yarn types and weights, this added even more texture.

30th Birthday Party Decorations – Flower Garlands and Mini Bunting

Crochet Flower and Mini Bunting Pile

One of my colleagues at work has been nominated to do the decorations for a mutual friends 30th birthday party next week. The birthday girl is a very keen crafter so will appreciate the handmade decorations that are being planned. I recently bought a pattern called Big Flower Party, a delicious pattern for 10 different flowers and some really cute mini bunting.


This is a really great pattern, all the instructions are clear and concise and there are step by step photos for each flower. I have been dying to use this pattern to make some Flower Garlands so was pleased to be able to volunteer to help with the party decorations. I selected my favourite lovely bright and cheerful colours.


Then added some darker tones.

Brights and Darks

Then some paler colours for contrast.


Suitably pleased with my basket of colours I could not wait to get started, these are going to be the most colourful Flower Garlands. Making lovely colourful crochet flowers is very uplifting and reminds me that spring is looming after all the cold, cold snowy weather we have had recently.

Flower number 1.


Flower number 2.

CrochetFlower2Flower number 6.

CrochetFlower6Flower number 7.

CrochetFlower7Making a simple chain stitch in cream for the strand to display these colourful blooms worked really well.

Large Flower Garland Hung

And I used the ends of the chain to make a loop so they will be easy to hang.

Flower Garland Red Yellow

At the back of the pattern were instructions to make Mini Bunting, I could not resist trying out this extra pattern.

Mini Bunting Hung

And once I started it was just so sweet I made 5 strands in different colours.

Crochet Mini Bunting

I absolutely love, love , love this Mini Bunting.

MiniBuntingCoilAnd it looks rather sweet with the flowers don’t you think?