Floral Cushion

I am so happy that I have at last finished my floral cushion .

Crochet Floral Cushion

The pattern does show how to join them as you go but I could not decide on a colour sequence, so I just used to make them in between other things and when I was on the go. It was just easier to  make one and drop it into the collection.

Once I decided they would become a cushion cover and I started pinning them onto a cushion to guide me on the colours required.

Floral Cushion Pinned

Then the joining process began, it did not take long for me to realize the error in my method. It has taken an absolute age to join all these little flowers together although I have to admit that it is totally my own folly.

For the back I made two squares and an oblong using multi coloured stripes.

Crochet Floral Cushion Back

Using the oblong to overlap and held together with 5 different coloured buttons.

Floral Cushion Back Buttons

I totally love this pattern by. I will definitely use it again, only this time I will follow ALL of the instructions and join as I go.

The pattern by Adi Keren for these lovely flowers can be found here.

Another Cushion Cover Project Finished

You may remember that I had some squares left over from making a blanket for my lovely Miss L and I decided to use them to make a cushion.

Well here it is.

Patchwork CushionAnd as I still had a few squares to use I worked them in along with the stripes for the back.

Stripy Back

I originally started this project a few weeks ago when I discovered the Apache Tears pattern by Sara London which ended up being a cushion in it’s own right. It made sense to make them into a pair so the stripy back matches the apache tears cushion.

And to keep the pairing I used a similar pattern to make the flower buttons.

Flower Buttons Flower Botton HolesAnd finished with a simple edging.

Patchwork Cushion Edging

I am very happy with how this pair work together.

Pair of Cushions

Or using the face of the stripy backs.

Pair a Stripy Backed Cushions

Apache Tears Cushion Completed

Apache Tears Cushion Front

Well, this was supposed to be one of my ‘finishing off’ projects but I have to be honest and say that I fell in love with the Apache Tears pattern and could not bring myself to resign it to the back of the flower cushion. So I ended up with yet another project to finish! But on a good note, I love it!

When it came to making a back for the cushion I was careful to keep it as simple as possible so decided to go for a simple stripe.

Stripy Cushion Back

But how to make the opening? That would take a bit of thinking about, I did not want to use buttons as the cushion is going to go onto the new wooden kitchen bench and if it is used to sit on I thought the buttons might dig in to ones bottom. Then I remembered a video I had stumbled upon recently that shows how to work a flower into a row of crochet. Mmmmmmmm if I do flowers like these they can become the buttons, could this work?

Flower Buttons

And to open.

Flower Button Opening

I think it worked really well and am so happy with my new cushion, My daughter won’t be able to complain about the bench being to hard now!

Apache Tears Cushion Back

The only problem I have now is which way round to use my new cushion?

Apache Tears Cushion Front

Me, well I am back to making another back to finish off the original cushion again!

Apache Tears Free Pattern

Apache Tears

I have some squares left over from one of the girls blankets so I thought I would join them together and make them into a cushion cover.

Cushion Cover front

But they would need a back…………., then I remembered a pattern that I found called Apache Tears that I have been wanting to try. Yes I think this is going to work just fine.

Apache Tears 1

Thank you so much to Sarah for sharing this lovely pattern.

Apache Tears free pattern courtesy of Sarah London