Charity Yarn Bombing Details and Patterns

Firstly I must give my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have made pledges to help with our yarn bombing project; I know our patients will love it!

Charity Yarn Bombing Banner

You have all asked for ideas of what to make so here goes……….

The name of the project is Fantasy Garden so here is an overview of what we are aiming to create through our creative collaboration:

  1. Flowers: As the overriding theme is “Gardens”, flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes would be wonderful and, in particular, sunflowers. I have been using a video tutorial by Meladora’s Creations to make mine.
  2. Bunting: I’d like to create a festive feeling so bunting is needed to hang around the building and garden to draw the spectacle together and attract attention from passersby. Attic24 has a great tutorial.
  3. Birds: This simple birdie pattern is an easier choice if you fancy something quick and straightforward and it looks great in all sorts of colour combinations. Another tutorial from Lucy at Attic24.

Crochet Sunflower Head Lrg1

Crochet Bunting Triangles

Crochet Birdie Decorations 2

And if you feel like getting even more creative, there are two mini themes that I would like to incorporate into the Fantasy Garden…

  1. Fairy Garden: A Fantasy Garden wouldn’t be complete without a few fairies, so I will be making fairies, toadstools and gnomes.
  2. Seaside Scenery: And finally, because we live by the sea, I couldn’t resist a seaside scene. A lovely friend of mine is knitting the sea! So if you fancy making some fish or even seals and seagulls, I will find them a happy home by the sea!

I hope that these ideas and links to patterns will help you to get started and I am so happy that you want to help our Fantasy Garden become a reality. If you need any more information or would like to join us please contact me by email . Thanks so much for your help.


Potted Sunflower

This project was one of those things that just developed along the way. I have crafted mini plants using pipe cleaners many years ago and when I had finished making the sunflower head I thought it would be interesting to try and do a similar thing.

Crochet Sunflower on the Bench

There are quite a few sunflower patterns available online but the one I used here is by Meladora’s Creations and is available as a video tutorial, it is really easy to follow and the beauty of a video is you can stop and start it as you move through the project.

Crochet Sunflower Head 2

I tried a couple of different patterns but this was the one that worked the best, the flower head really does look like a sunflower, I made a larger version too but I will show you that one later. The leaves were very quick and simple to make, each leaf is 2 joined together back to back to give them some body, using florist wire I attached them to a plant cane.  With the same yarn as the leaves I covered the cane from 2cm from the top to about 5 cm’s from the base.

I filled the terracotta pot to approximately a third of the way up with decorators filler and set the cane in the centre. I had use some card to keep it upright while it set. Then with brown yarn made a cover to serve as the soil.

Crochet Soil in the Pot

Once fully set I stitched the sunflower head at the top of the cane.

Crochet Potted Sunflower

The potted sunflower looks really at home in the garden with all the other foliage.

Crochet Sunflower in the GardenDo you remember the Sweetie Tree? This was made using the same principle apart from using the help of a friend to set the sticks in concrete as the flower heads of sweets were quite heavy. The possibilities are endless, go let your imagination run wild.