Bright and Bold Baby Blanket

Bright and Bold Baby Blanket It has been an absolute pleasure making this colourful baby blanket and so quick too.

Using the same simple pattern I made 5 squares in each colour from my pay day stash, which incidentally is almost gone now.

Baby blanket bright squareThen laid them out random style following no pattern what-so- ever, so satisfying. Sorry about the colours, I am having a bit of a camera issue this the evening. this is a mixture of bold and bright colours mixed with a pale pink, blue and beige to provide a contrast.

Baby blanket bright 3

I had almost enough squares but not quite so I laid the balls of yarn out in place of the remaining squares to help me decide which colours I needed to finish.

I wanted to try one of the borders from my new book Around The Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman. It is a fabulous book, not only is it packed with a varied range of borders it also explains how to count stitches around you work to make up your own border.

Bobble edging 1

I settled for number 132 on page 269, I liked the way the bobbles reflected the holes formed by the pattern in the squares.

Bobble edging 2

Highly recommend this book if you are a blanket or cushion cover maker.

The Colours of Spring

I have been very busy behind the scenes these last couple of weeks but as promised here is my lovely stash of yarn.

Stylecraft DK YarnsAs you can see I have already been using some of it, I got busy with the blues first………………….

Stack of Squares………………and made this lovely stack of squares for the outer edge of a baby blanket in cool minty blues and greens.

Edge SquaresI wanted to mix things up a bit and as I love granny squares so much.

Baby Blanket Granny SquaresThen these little beauties for the centrepiece.

Baby Blanket Flower SquaresHere is how I joined them all together.

Baby Blanket 2Now to get on with a matching one in Pinks!

Crochet Mini Bunting

Crochet Mini Bunting 3

Just a quick little post to share with you about this little heap of scrumptious colourful bunting.

Pile of Crochet Mini Bunting

I have made this before and really loved it so just could not resist the opportunity to make some more and I had the perfect excuse when it was a friends birthday this week.

Mini Bunting 2

This pattern was purchased from another blogger Zoomyummy through her Etsy store, the pattern is rather aptly titled Big Flower Party and includes several gorgeous flower patterns which I have also used to make flower garlands. The bunting is on the back page of the pattern.

Flower and Leaf Garland

The Mini Bunting is great fun to make and adds a splash of colour wherever you decide to hang it. The only trouble is once you start making it it’s hard to stop, I just keep thinking ‘it would look really good in this colour’ and make another one!

Crochet Mini Bunting 1But alas I have to stop for now and get back to finishing Missy L’s blanket, the squares are nearly all joined now, only 19 left to do and I will be able to share a great ta dah moment with you.

30th Birthday Party Decorations – Flower Garlands and Mini Bunting

Crochet Flower and Mini Bunting Pile

One of my colleagues at work has been nominated to do the decorations for a mutual friends 30th birthday party next week. The birthday girl is a very keen crafter so will appreciate the handmade decorations that are being planned. I recently bought a pattern called Big Flower Party, a delicious pattern for 10 different flowers and some really cute mini bunting.


This is a really great pattern, all the instructions are clear and concise and there are step by step photos for each flower. I have been dying to use this pattern to make some Flower Garlands so was pleased to be able to volunteer to help with the party decorations. I selected my favourite lovely bright and cheerful colours.


Then added some darker tones.

Brights and Darks

Then some paler colours for contrast.


Suitably pleased with my basket of colours I could not wait to get started, these are going to be the most colourful Flower Garlands. Making lovely colourful crochet flowers is very uplifting and reminds me that spring is looming after all the cold, cold snowy weather we have had recently.

Flower number 1.


Flower number 2.

CrochetFlower2Flower number 6.

CrochetFlower6Flower number 7.

CrochetFlower7Making a simple chain stitch in cream for the strand to display these colourful blooms worked really well.

Large Flower Garland Hung

And I used the ends of the chain to make a loop so they will be easy to hang.

Flower Garland Red Yellow

At the back of the pattern were instructions to make Mini Bunting, I could not resist trying out this extra pattern.

Mini Bunting Hung

And once I started it was just so sweet I made 5 strands in different colours.

Crochet Mini Bunting

I absolutely love, love , love this Mini Bunting.

MiniBuntingCoilAnd it looks rather sweet with the flowers don’t you think?


Wave Blanket – Surf and Seaside Ripple Pattern Afghan

I have told you before about when the children were small and we always had a Poorly Blanket, they would snuggle into it on the sofa when they were feeling unwell or tired. Now they are grown I am making a blanket for each of them so they can have their very own ‘Poorly Blanket’s’ in their respective homes.

The boys both surf so I wanted to make a throw that would remind them of their time on the beach and in the sea so I decided on a ripple or wave pattern and picked a range of blues and greens to reflect the colours of the sea and the shore.

As they are both 6 foot something I wanted their blankets to be big enough to cover their feet so decided to make them 5ft by 5ft so through trial and error worked out that the starting chain needed to be 185 stitches long. Here it is after the first few rows, it already reminds me of the sea lapping at the shore.

wave blanket

I get so excited at this stage, I just love picking out the colours and visualising how I want it to look, playing with the colours and seeing how they flow and contrast with each other.

wave blanket

I only ever start with half a plan in my head as the best part of a project for me is developing my idea as I go along selecting the colours randomly.

wave blanket

As you will see on closer inspection there is no format to the colour changes, I tend to pick them as I go along but not forgetting to keep the balance of the lighter and darker shades and the contrasting of the colours.

I went for a walk to the seafront to take a photo of the blanket against the backdrop of the sea and could not resist this shot of the brightly painted chalets with the warm winter sunshine bouncing off their doors. Ahhhh it brings joy to my heart, I do so love living near the sea.

Seaside Chalets

I have edged the boys blankets with two rounds of simple single crochet using a dark blue. I did try a few different edgings but found that this simple look suited the project best creating a simple frame for the waves.

I hope the boys might keep their blankets in the car so they can snuggle into them to warm up after a days surfing.

wave blanket

I am very pleased with the end result of this project, it was rather a long one as I have made two of these, one for each of my lovely chaps. The pattern and the colours really do invoke memories of sea and sand.

Hint and Tips on Blanket Making

I have learnt one or two little things on this journey of blanket making that I would like to share with you.

wave blanket

1. When you are doing the chain to start your project use markers every 25 or 50 stitches so you can check your count if you are interrupted.

2. Use a size larger hook to make the chain than you intend to use for the main body of the blanket, I often find that the chain is a little to tight and tends to draw the work in at the bottom otherwise.

3. I like to pick my colours randomly as I go along, I take a ball of each colour and play with the colours until I am happy with the effect then arrange them on the table where I work and work through them one by one. It is great fun setting out the colours as you go and helps maintain the interest and excitement of the project. Just make sure that you get a balance of lights and darks along the way.

Inspiration for this blanket was from Attic 24 so don’t hang around, go and have a look!

Now to get on with the girls blankets……………

Lois Daykin Stripy Crocheted Cat Pattern

Here it is, my lovely Stripy Cat, another project from Lois Daykin’s Baby Crochet book. I did not quite follow the guidance for the features but think he worked out rather cute in the end. Although I have to admit I cannot make up my mind about the whiskers.

  • Should they stay?
  • Should they go?
  • Should they be sewn flat onto his face?

I have used some of the yarn left over from the Blooming Flower Cushion as I had lots of colours and plenty of bits and pieces that could be put to great use on this project as it doesn’t take too much of any of the individual colours.

I really love this colourful crochet Stripy Cat, I cannot decide whether to make another one in different colours.

He sits so nicely.

And can be rather playful and cheeky too!

Please find a link to this fabulous book . Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. And let me know what you think about the whiskers?


Crochet Blooming Flower Cushion

Found a great blog and I just had to share this with you! During the rainy weekends of late I have been spending a bit of time online and came across this website/blog, the first thing I saw was the image of the website author Lucy holding a beautiful cushion. I was thrilled to find that there was a tutorial provided so it was just a matter of getting started as soon as possible.

As it happens I had some new yarn that my hubby bought for me, I know that might sound a bit strange but we were supposed to be going out and I was all ready to go and was looking for some new wool on one of my favourite wool shops while he got ready. When he came downstairs 20 minutes later and I was still ‘waffing about’ as he put it, I was deliberating about which colours to choose you see! He took the computer, promptly ordered a ball of each colour, closed the computer and said “you can buy more of the colour you like the best. Can we go and eat now?”

Now very grateful for his intervention I am using his selection from the Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran range as follows. I picked out these darker shades as the base.

These lighter shades to balance out the base colours.

And these lovely brights to add some zing!

Here they are altogether. Don’t you think they look scrumptious?

The finished cushion on my little wooden chair, I am really very pleased with it.

The pattern is very clever using both the front and the back of the stitches to form the petals.

The tutorial for the pattern is really clear and easy to follow with lots of pictures so you can check at every stage that you are executing the pattern correctly.

The back follows the same colourful stripes as the front in treble crochet. I did have a bit of trouble with the dome shape formed on the back but used a little crochet flower in both the front and the back to pull a little dimple in the centre of the cushion which I think worked well. Thank you for sharing Lucy, I think I might pop back onto the Attic to see what else I can make………

Here is a link to the Blooming Flower cushion tutorial from Lucy.