Crochet Christmas Tree, Snowflakes and Christmas Bunting

Crochet Christmas TreeIt may be a bit late but wanted to share my Christmas creations with you while we are all in the ┬áseasonal mood. I made this little tree back in June, I can’t remember why I did it then , I think I just had a bit of time between projects and wanted to make an effort to be prepared for the holiday season.

These lovely little snowflakes were made last year and it was such a delight to get them out again. A simple pattern and quick and easy to make. I sprayed on some starch to stiffen them up too which worked really well.

Crochet Snowflakes Christmas Decoration

Lastly, some festive bunting, looks quite good on the tree don’t you think?

Crochet Bunting

Crochet Snowflakes As Winter Takes Its Grip For Christmas

Brrrrrr, it was so cold here last week and we saw the first real hard frost.

Then there has been all that rain we have endured recently, so sad for all the folks who have been flooded out of their homes , it must be absolutely heartbreaking. We have been fortunate enough that the only problem we have is a thoroughly waterlogged garden.

It has been cold enough for some of the little puddles in the borders to turn to ice, the way it has frozen over the soil makes quite a pretty pattern.

Ice Puddles In The Garden

When I got to work the puddles from the rain we had endured the previous day had frozen over. I reverted to childhood and could not resist the temptation to step on a few and watch the lovely patterns created by breaking the ice and seeing the movement of the unfrozen water beneath.

Then I came across this little chap and just had to take a photo to share with you. Isn’t he just great? Nature can be really creative at times, you just have to be able to capture the moment. When I ventured out for lunch a lorry had driven over him and he was completely obliterated, aaaaaah.

Looks just like pac man with hair.
Looks just like pac man with hair.

This freezing weather brought the first snow of the year which reminded me of the snowflakes I made last year. I made them after Christmas so never actually used them so I thought I would dig them out.

IMG_7141I have to confess I am rather pleased with how they are looking, I quite like the contrast of the natural twigs in the contemporary silver vase.

However, hubby disagreed and suggested I add some Christmas baubles.

Crochet Snowflakes Christmas Decoration

I must admit they do add a bit of colour…………but I may take them off when he goes out!

Anyway you will have to leave that one with me while I decide between the contemporary rustic look or the colourful look. He did buy me the lovely silver vase so I might just concede.

The snowflake is another pattern from Attic 24, I followed the pattern but added some silver bugle beads and the simple chain hanger.

Crochet Snowflakes Close UpIt is hard to believe that Christmas is nearly upon us again, best get back and do some more shopping!!