Honoured to be Nominated for 7 Lovely Awards

Thank you to Pretty Little Things in a Box for the nomination of some lovely awards, yep I did say some, seven in total!

Blogging brings so much joy, I love sharing what I am doing with my like minded friends and really appreciate how many of you take the time out to comment and encourage. And I find the inspiration is endless as I wander through the pages available on my laptop. It is a wonder we have time for doing our craft.

The awards include:

For my nominees named below I kindly request that you complete the following before passing on the awards to your own 7 nominees. Have fun scrolling through your pages to find new untapped blogs.

(Abstracted from Pretty Little Things in a Box)

1. Thank the people who nominated me and link back to their blog

2. Share seven things about myself

3. Nominate seven bloggers to receive the awards

4. Let them know they’ve won by sending them a message

Here we go then:

A huge thank you to Pretty Little Things in a Box for honouring The Grange Range with this nomination, it is so nice to receive such kind acknowledgement.

Random things about me mmmmmmm………… well I apologies in advance if they are not too imaginative but they are the first 7 things that spring to mind this fine evening.

1. I love making baby clothes and cannot wait until one of my brood decides to have children so I can start creating. No pressure guys!

2. Recently, through blogging I have started to fulfil one of my long time wishes, learning about photography.

3. I love baking and trying out new recipes and there are so many to be found through blogging.

4. Having just started a new job I have discovered that it is never to late to start learning new skills.

5. Much as I would love to do better in the garden I have discovered that I don’t have very green fingers, they are more brown!

6. My favourite colours are purple and orange.

7. I am a terrible hoarder, I have things in the loft like the children’s first shoes, favourite outfits and all the toys and games they used to play with. With 4 children that is quite a collection of stuff, I wonder why I keep it all sometimes but having had it so long I just cannot find the courage to let it go. I always thought I was keeping it for them but the truth is they all think I am mad!

My seven lovely nominees are……………….








One last plea, can anyone help me with some direction about how to put the awards on my blog, I cannot do it no matter what I try.