My Macro Lens Has Arrived

I am so excited, my hubby promised me a macro lens for my camera and we ordered it on  Friday and it arrived today! All the way from Hong Kong in just 2 days, I think that is quite impressive. So what have I been doing this evening? Yes of course I have been testing my new equipment.

Look at the detail in this wood carving, I could never have done this with my regular lens.

Wood Carving 2I want to say thank you to two people who have helped me with selecting my new lens, Liv Cawston a photographer and colleague and Petra for her post on camera lens.

I still have much to learn but I am hopeful that this new lens will help improve the images I produce. You can get really detailed views, the face on this carving below is actually less than 25mm.

Wood CarvingI am going to have so much fun!!!