Charity Blanket Squares – Crafters Call to Arms

Flower Motif Blanket Squares 4

Found this great idea and wanted to share with you all as I know you too will want to join in and gift a few blanket squares to charitable causes.

It is very brave of our fellow crafter to volunteer to join all the donated squares as we all know this can be the most trying part of blanket making!

As soon as enough generous crafters pledge squares to make this a viable project the instructions will be published and we can all get going, I can just hear it now needles clacking and hooks a-hooking, it is after all the season of goodwill.

To pledge your interest click on the link below and leave a comment.

Help Needed to Crochet for Charity

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Look What I Won from the Love Lucie Draw

I was so excited today, when I got to work I had a brown box waiting for me. Home time could not come soon enough as I was dying to open it up to reveal the contents.

Love Lucie Box of GoodiesI closely follow the musings and crafting of the multi talented Lucie, she drives me crazy because she can bake, crochet and sew, and now she has added knitting to her list of skills! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet you should pop over now and treat yourself to a peek lovelucie . But before you go let me share my delights with you.

I was entered into a draw in celebration of Lucie’s 100th post and all I had to do was to leave a comment which was easy.

So here is a closer view of my lucky stash starting with four handmade gift cards.

Love Lucie CardsA foxy little notebook.

Love Lucie NotebookThree wonderfully aromatic lavender hearts that have already made their way into my wardrobe and draws.

Love Lucie Lavender HeartsA pencil case that will come in very handy for keeping my crochet accessories in. Don’t you just love the lining?

Love Lucie Pencil CaseTwo gorgeous little key chains, perfect, one for my home keys and one for my work keys.

Love Lucie Crochet Key RingsAnd last but certainly not least a very wise looking Owl Cushion.

Love Lucie Owl CushionI am completely blown away by all these lovely gifts, I am sure that like me you are constantly busy creating and making but always for someone else. It is so wonderful to be the lucky recipient, thank you so, so, so, much Lucie I love them all.

If you want to treat yourself or need some Christmas gifts like the above you could call in and shop with Lucie on Folksy.

A Beanie Hat to Go With My Scarf

Well I know it doesn’t exactly match in terms of the pattern but I think it works with the matching colours.

Although a beanie hat is a simple little project I have never made one before so I am really happy with how it has turned out, and it actually fits! I always have problems with getting hats to sit comfortably which is really frustrating as I love to wear them.

Crochet Beanie Hat Stripy Crown Starting with simple stripes for the crown.

Crochet Beanie Hat Clusters Moving into crochet clusters for the body of the hat.

Crochet Beanie Hat Stripes Then finishing with some more of my favourite, stripes.

Crochet Beanie Hat

I have never tried to photograph anything as difficult as this before, this one of the hat on it’s own look rather sad but it does show how it looks from the front.

Lastly I apologise to all those who have asked about the pattern for this scarf because I was very remiss and forgot to add it the previous post, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf Pattern

Blanket CAL Baby Sized Blanket

Here is my finished blanket, it is only a baby sized blanket which will explain how I have finished whilst this great CAL is still ongoing.

Blanket CAL

With the blanket about the right size I needed to think about the edging. I always feel that this is such an important part of a blanket as it frames it and pulls it all together to showcase the pattern. As there is a great deal of pattern going on in this blanket I wanted to keep it really simple.

Blanket CAL Straight Edging

I started with a simple double crochet followed by a round of 1 half treble chain 1.

Blanket Cal Edging Corner

Then I tried a stitch I haven’t used before as a final finishing round, reverse double crochet. I think I will be able to get this stitch neater next time I do it. If you haven’t tried it it is a single crochet but you work from left to right and creates a rolling twisted stitch that also has a bit of depth.

Baby BlanketA huge thank you to Hannah over at not your average crochet for running the fantastic CAL and introducing me to some new stitch patterns. I am sure that many of us will be revisiting her pages again in the future to do this project again.

And for anyone who has not joined yet remember it is never to late to join in, my sister at happy to make you joined at week number 12 and has now caught up with the current week.

More Colourful Crochet Stripy Cats for the Cat Gallery

I so love making these gorgeous cats, this little chap was for my sister-in-law who loves cats. I chose colours from C’s favourite colour palette of blues and greens. I don’t know what she has called him yet but I know I can be assured he has gone to a loving home.

Blue Cat 2And here is Thomas.

Colourful Crochet Stripy CatI was so flattered when my colleague at work asked me to crochet a Stripy Cat for her friend who had just found out that she was expecting. It was great as I got to choose the colours, I went a bit mad and just used all my favourites so there was no particular plan at the start. I really like how he turned out though and thankfully so did my colleague.

Before Thomas left for his new home he did have a bit of a frolic with my Henry.

Two Stripy Crochet CatsPlease find a link to this fabulous book . Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Crochet Granny Square Afghan – Keep it in the family!

Whilst my mother in law (from here on to be known as Mama H) was staying with us recently she decided to refresh her crochet skills. She told me she had only done a little years ago but to be honest I think she was having me on, once I refreshed her memory she has been away like a whippet, I can’t keep up with her!

Anyway this is how we began…..HandGBlanketYarnWe selected colours that we both liked and chose a few granny based patterns from this book by Jan Eaton I have used it so many times it really is a great tool for Afghans. Mama H completed a few practice squares during the visit just to get her hand in again.

MamaHPractice GrannySquares

We also ordered ourselves a fresh batch of our chosen colours and split the order so half were sent to Mama H at home and the balance to me. We decided to base the pattern for the final blanket on absolutely nothing which I find really exciting. We are each going to use the patterns and the coloured yarns we have selected and make a random selection of squares.

This is the growing batch from Wales………


And this is my meagre offering……

FirstGranny SquaresbyG

Mama H is way ahead of me at the moment at the last count she was up to 15 and I have only done 2, however my excuse is I had to get the children’s blankets finished first and I still have one more to do so I am splitting my time between the two projects which is actually quite good as I can just do whichever takes my fancy at the time.

I will share a bit more about blanket No. 4 of 4 for Miss L with you shortly but I think I should go and make a couple more granny squares if I am ever going to catch up.

It is going to be so much fun when we can all get together and have the joy of fashioning our random granny squares into a new blanket. I am going to entice my mum Mama E to join in too but shhhhhh as I have not asked her yet.

This is going to be a real family heirloom by the time it is finished.

Colourful Crochet Blanket – No 3 of 4

I have to confess that I haven’t got these posts in very good order as I made this blanket first, before doing the boy’s wave pattern blankets but this post is a bit more detailed so has taken a bit more time to put together. For the benefit of anyone who has not read the other posts on this subject we have 4 children who are now fully grown and independent and I wanted to make a blanket for each of them.

This one is for our youngest daughter Miss A.

First step was to confirm the colours, I had a head start with this blanket as the basis was to follow the colours used in the Blooming Flower cushion I had already made for her last year.

Rico Essentials Soft Merino AranNext was the planning stage. This was the first blanket I was to attempt using squares rather than one continuous pattern so there was going to be a learning curve here.

My Mum bought me Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans for my birthday. This is a wonderful book and flicking through all the gorgeous squares set my creative juices flowing. It is amazing how using different colours can change to look of a design completely.

Also on page 16 titled Mixing and Matching Blocks there was a fantastic tip to help with setting out your design, it suggests you make 1 of each of your selection of squares then photocopy several of each of them, then you can play with them to your heart’s content, laying them out this way and that until you are happy with how they look. If you do enough you can lay out your whole blanket.Crochet Blanket - Planning the design.However, be warned you can spend ages setting out your squares in a whole variety of patterns. I spent the whole of one Sunday afternoon crawling around the lounge floor trying combination after combination, all the family got involved and of course, everyone had an alternative view on the preferred pattern. Above is just one example but as you will see from the finished images it is not the one I went with in the end.

As I was too indecisive about the layout and began to question the viability of some of the samples I had done. After so much experimentation and deliberation I thought it better to move into action and just start making some squares. The first pattern I confirmed I wanted to include was Pattern 98 Old Vienna

Crochet Square - Old ViennaThe next square was a bit more tricky as I designed it myself, I wanted this blanket to compliment the Blooming Flower cushion so using the style of this pattern I made a small 3 layer version of the flower. Then I worked out a way of picking up behind the flower to form a square around it, all the squares need to be of the same proportion so there was a bit of trial and error to get it to the required size but I was happy with my final effort.Flower Square for BlanketThe third and final pattern was again based on a pattern from Jan Eaton’s book, pattern number 37 Pin Stripes. I used many more colours than the pattern suggests but I liked the broad and narrow stripes created by the use of single and double crochet.Crochet Square stripy designI settled on using just the 3 patterns with the placement of the squares in a diagonal fashion alternating thus: flower, old vienna, pin stripe, old vienna but each row in a different colour combination. This was a rather self-indulgent method as playing with colours is my favourite part of a project.

I was pleased with how the pattern and the colours worked with the Blooming Flower Cushion.


I must admit that joining all the squares did take sone patience. Firstly I tried sewing them but was not very happy with the finish so I crocheted then together by placing right sides together and joining the back of each loop.

To frame the squares I wanted something that would maintain the colour element but nothing to frilly or lacy so after trying a few different looks I decided on a simple stripe in double crochet.


This worked easily around the corners too.


And finally it was finished and thrown onto the bed in the bedroom of the lovely Miss A.

ColourfulBlanket-BedspreadNext project is the final blanket for Miss L…………

Lois Daykin Stripy Crocheted Cat Pattern

Here it is, my lovely Stripy Cat, another project from Lois Daykin’s Baby Crochet book. I did not quite follow the guidance for the features but think he worked out rather cute in the end. Although I have to admit I cannot make up my mind about the whiskers.

  • Should they stay?
  • Should they go?
  • Should they be sewn flat onto his face?

I have used some of the yarn left over from the Blooming Flower Cushion as I had lots of colours and plenty of bits and pieces that could be put to great use on this project as it doesn’t take too much of any of the individual colours.

I really love this colourful crochet Stripy Cat, I cannot decide whether to make another one in different colours.

He sits so nicely.

And can be rather playful and cheeky too!

Please find a link to this fabulous book . Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. And let me know what you think about the whiskers?