Seed Balls (Project MAYA)

Can this little tub of seeds be the answer to my garden blues?

Poppy Seedballs

I would love to treat our garden to a bit more of my time and attention but have to admit to being seduced by yarn and hook all to often.

Butterfly Mix Seed balls

I have bought the Butterfly Mix and Urban Meadow and I shall dutifully sprinkle them this weekend and watch and wait ………………

The Discovery Store Blog

Do you ever find yourself gazing out of your kitchen window at your garden in utter disappointment?

Could your garden be mistaken for a desolate wasteland of weeds and tangled greens? Does your disappointment turn to bitterness when you glance over at your next door neighbour’s garden, with its pristine display of blooming red poppies on a finely trimmed, daisy-filled lawn? Do you then turn your head to find an equally as impressive spread of blue forget-me-nots, on a bed of wild marjorams, red clovers, foxgloves, birdsfoot trefoils and viper’s-bugloss, attracting the hums of bumble bees and a flock of delicate butterflies? Well, turn that frown upside down because we have a new product that is perfect for you. We call them Seed Balls. They’re a new and innovative gadget for your garden which will produce entire wildflower gardens and beautiful meadows with minimum fuss and no time at…

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4 thoughts on “Seed Balls (Project MAYA)

  1. The Discovery Store May 15, 2014 / 10:45

    Thank you thegrangerange for re-blogging our new product! Please let us know how your Seed Balls are getting on, we’d love to hear about it! We’re sure that with a sprinkling of your new Seed Balls you’ll be able to enjoy your garden too as it fills with beautiful British wildflowers, and that’s without compromising your beloved needle and hook!

    Love The Discovery Store…


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