Charity Blanket Squares Are On Their Way

Well thanks to Mama H there were many more squares on their way to Best of Crochet.

I got a phone call to say that she was going to join in but when the parcel arrived look how busy she was!

Squares from Mama H

This really boosted our little stash so now I feel that we have made a good contribution that am pleased to report is winging it’s way to Best of Crochet to join up with all the other lovely squares that I have been reading about.

Crochet Blanket Squares

It has been quite hectic here at the Grange these last few weeks so regrettably crafting has taken a bit of a back seat. I am hoping to be back to it soon and have more to share with you all.

25 thoughts on “Charity Blanket Squares Are On Their Way

  1. daniellajoe January 3, 2014 / 21:48

    Happy New Year !!!! your squares are beautiful!!! and I love that they are for charity 🙂


  2. Karen December 25, 2013 / 15:24

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas day.


  3. bestofcrochet December 11, 2013 / 06:24

    So pretty! Thank you and Mama H for all your help! 🙂


  4. tamyraptor December 9, 2013 / 22:07

    They look great! I hope you get to see a picture of the finished project 🙂


  5. Rochefabrique December 8, 2013 / 19:44

    beautiful! I love making squares. Your colour combos are great. 🙂


  6. gentlestitches December 6, 2013 / 00:56

    crafty people continue to give me joy by their generosity. 🙂


  7. *Wisher* December 5, 2013 / 16:27

    wow.. loving all your grannies squares.. 😀 colours are well coordinated.. great job.. 😀


  8. happytomakeyou December 5, 2013 / 15:20

    Lovely, would have loved to join in but also experiencing a lack of crafting time right now :(.


  9. Tajana December 5, 2013 / 10:26

    Your squares are gorgeous!I like them a lot!


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