Crochet Blooming Flower Cushion

Found a great blog and I just had to share this with you! During the rainy weekends of late I have been spending a bit of time online and came across this website/blog, the first thing I saw was the image of the website author Lucy holding a beautiful cushion. I was thrilled to find that there was a tutorial provided so it was just a matter of getting started as soon as possible.

As it happens I had some new yarn that my hubby bought for me, I know that might sound a bit strange but we were supposed to be going out and I was all ready to go and was looking for some new wool on one of my favourite wool shops while he got ready. When he came downstairs 20 minutes later and I was still ‘waffing about’ as he put it, I was deliberating about which colours to choose you see! He took the computer, promptly ordered a ball of each colour, closed the computer and said “you can buy more of the colour you like the best. Can we go and eat now?”

Now very grateful for his intervention I am using his selection from the Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran range as follows. I picked out these darker shades as the base.

These lighter shades to balance out the base colours.

And these lovely brights to add some zing!

Here they are altogether. Don’t you think they look scrumptious?

The finished cushion on my little wooden chair, I am really very pleased with it.

The pattern is very clever using both the front and the back of the stitches to form the petals.

The tutorial for the pattern is really clear and easy to follow with lots of pictures so you can check at every stage that you are executing the pattern correctly.

The back follows the same colourful stripes as the front in treble crochet. I did have a bit of trouble with the dome shape formed on the back but used a little crochet flower in both the front and the back to pull a little dimple in the centre of the cushion which I think worked well. Thank you for sharing Lucy, I think I might pop back onto the Attic to see what else I can make………

Here is a link to the Blooming Flower cushion tutorial from Lucy.


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