Baby Announcement Sets Needles and Hooks to Action

It was really exciting when my colleague KL announced she was expecting her first baby, but I had to be patient and wait for the results of the scan to know what colour and styles to go for before I could get started.

They both wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl so that they could get everything ready before the baby arrived and whilst I can see the logic in this I am not so sure about knowing in advance, I liked the surprise of finding out who they were when they arrived.

Do you think this is modern thing?

Anyway once we knew it was a girly bump I was free to unleash the needles and get started. This little hat is from a really old pattern, my mum made it for my eldest daughter all of 25 years ago! It looks really cute on with the frill at the front and back and of course it had to be pink just like everything else I made as you will see.

Something to keep her warm in the cooler months.

Week on week the bump grew, everything from nursery furniture, equipment and of course names were discussed during coffee breaks, and naturally we all had plenty of anecdotes and advice for the soon to be Mum. So whilst the excitement grew at the office my needles went clickety clack at home in the evenings.

Next I made a simple little dress and Beanie style hat set…………..

…….and added a little flower motif to the dress and hat, with tiny versions of the flowers to use as buttons on the shoulder fasteners on the dress just to girly it up a bit.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, do you like the shoes? They have the tiny flower buttons as fasteners as well but unfortunately my photography was a bit lacking and you cannot see them very well, never mind. I just love them, I added a bit of shearing elastic around the top to make sure they would not slip off when she was wearing them.

Next I decided it was time to get the crochet hooks out and found this gorgeous pattern in my local store. I made the pinafore dress first, you start by making a square, then a second square, on the final round of this second square you join it to the first square, you continue adding additional squares according to size to form the band at the top of the dress. Picking up from the base of the band with treble crochet creates the skirt then increasing to add fullness, the straps are added, then finally all the edges are finished off with a delicate picot edging.

Then I made the cardigan and hat. It came out really well and I have since made this set a few times now for different babies and it is always well received, I hope you like it too. It looks very clean and fresh in white but as I had more of the pale pink yarn I used that. I just love knitting and creating for little girls!

And all together……………….

……..sorry but I forgot to put the hat in the photo………oops, silly me!

If you fancy making it too you can find the pattern by clicking on the link below. Come back and let me know how you get on, I would love to hear from you.

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