Newbie Blogger

Well I have done it at last, I have a blog page.

I have enjoyed browsing through other peoples blogs over the last few months finding so many knitting and crochet patterns, tutorials and quite simply feeling totally inspired by the generosity of all the interesting and talented folks out there who are so willing to share their knowledge. I very much wanted to join in and hopefully in time be able to contribute something that others may find useful and inspiring.

So this evening I am taking my first faltering steps to create a page worthy of viewing but not quite sure where to start. I suppose I should tell a little of myself and my family. We live on the beautiful coast of north yorkshire, we have four children who are all grown and now making their own way in the world which has left me with more time to explore my passion for dabbling with wool.

I have always leaned towards making big sloppy joe style jumpers ones that you feel totally comfy flopping around the house in but not really to be seen out and about in. My favourite jumper, I made it about 20 years ago, eventually became part of my painting and decorating uniform when we moved to our present home back in 1999, it now sports the various shades of paint that adorn the walls. Maybe I can take a photo when I learn how to do that in my next blogging session.



I would love to hear from you

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