Happy Flowers – An Addition to the Secret Project Box

I cannot stop making these flowers! It is easy to see why they have been named Happy, they are so colourful and uplifting for the spirit. Which ever colours you put together they work.

Crochet Happy Flowers

Another great pattern from Lucy at Attic24, the Happy Flower. The tutorials have plenty of images so you can be sure you are getting it right as you go along.

3 Crochet Happy Flowers

3 more Crochet Happy Flowers

I have used my trusty stash of Stylecraft DK.

Stylecraft Yarn Stash

I find this such a great yarn to use for decorative projects and the colour range is fantastic, over 50 shades to choose from at a great price too. I have ordered from both Wool Warehouse and Sconch Textiles depending on who has the colours I need at time, both companies offer great service and fast delivery.

Happy Flowers



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Knitted Dinosaur Hat

Just a quick mid week post to show you what I have been up to. I swapped my crochet hook for knitting needles just for a change to make this fun hat.

Knitted Dinosaur Hat

Hats are great for keeping you warm on these lovely spring days, you know when you don’t need a coat but a thick sweater with a hat and scarf are just the trick.

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Made By Patch Collaborative Hexagons

I saw Lucie’s post about the Collaborative Hexie Blanket Project and thought to myself “what a lovely idea, I definitely want to be part of this”. Made By Patch  has generously launched this project, we send in the hexagons and she will make them into a blanket then there will be a prize draw and the lucky winner gets the blanket. The rules are quite simple, use 100% cotton yarn, make your finished hexagons 15cm across and the last round must be white. Simples…………….

Oh, you can send up to a maximum of 5 hexagons and you will have as many chances in the draw as you send hexagons.

Crochet African Flower Hexagons

I realised once I checked my stash that did not have enough cotton yarn so I got busy online and ordered some from Wool Warehouse and set to work making my hexagons. The yarn I indulged myself with is Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, simply gorgeous, so soft and it is machine washable so will be easy to maintain despite the pale colours I have chosen. The soft shades are quite a change for me as I usually go for bright colours.

Debbie Bliss Cotton DK

This is a shape I have not made before so I took the hint and visited the suggested links and fell in love with the African Flower design from Heidi Bears.

Crochet African Flower Hexagon3There are some amazing patterns on Heidi Bears using this design, I love the Hippo, go take a peak.

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Red Converse Style Baby Boots

Another pair of converse style booties have found their way to a little one. I think I could become addicted to making these!

Red Converse Style BooteesI do so love them in the red! They can be seen here in light blue on a previous post.

I also made a another little pair of boots. I wanted a really simple pattern and could not find one so decided to have a go at making one up myself.

It is not a replica of an original or anything fancy but it is still cute…… I think!

Simple Crochet Baby Booties

The link for the Converse pattern can be found on Ravelry, the pattern is by Suzanne Resaul

It is a very popular pattern around the globe and has been translated into Swedish byPysselkiisen,  Spanish by Duendecilla. and more recently Italian by Mirella.

Thank you to all of the above for making this pattern so accessible.

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Shhhhhh…….Secret Project

I have a secret project on the go and although I cannot tell all quite yet I thought I would share these little birdies with you.

Crochet Birds in a Row

A few got out earlier and landed on the bay trees outside the front door!!

Crochet Birds

Here are the next batch waiting to hatch into colourful birds.

Crochet Bird PiecesThe pattern for these lovely colourful creatures is from a great friend to all in the crochet community, yes you’ve guessed, Lucy at Attic 24 is the creator of this simple but effective pattern. It is so easy and quick too so great for beginners.

If you fancy having a go here is the link.

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Crochet Pot Holders for The Old Deanery

If you are a regular reader of The Grange Range you will remember that my lovely hubby and I spent a few days at The Old Deanery in Ripon last year. A beautiful building surrounded by stunning architecture situated directly opposite Ripon Cathedral, it was built in 1625 on the site of a former monastery.

Set of 4 Crochet Pot Holders

A really relaxing break in a lovely small hotel, we spent the mornings relaxing in the lounge where we were kept in good supply of tea and coffee. It was like going back in time served just like it is at Downton Abbey: on a silver tray with a matching tea service. 

Morning Tea and Craft

Anyway whilst drinking tea and crocheting away happily the hotel proprietor approached and commented that it was years since she had seen anyone crocheting (obviously not a blogger). Then she enquired about pot holders, “why doesn’t anyone make pot holders any more?” She explained that she has a few silver teapots that don’t have the bakerlite handles so they get too hot to hold and cannot be used. I offered to make some for the hotel to test which I did; you can see them here.

The daisy was the preferred pattern so here they are all ready to send off. This pattern is available free from many sites but I got it from Bobbles&Baubles.com. We are told that the pattern originates from a Dutch lady but I could not find her to give the credit deserved.

Crochet Pot Holders

The one in the middle was another pattern I found and wanted to try called Little Spring Mandela by Barbara of Made in K town.

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Converse Style Crochet Baby Bootees

My daughters friend is expecting her first baby in February, they have literally been friends all of their lives. Their birthdays are only 6 weeks apart and they had their first playdate when they were just 6 & 12 weeks old, they started school together at the same nursery when they were three and shared classes all the way through their senior years in education. It is quite amazing seeing this young lady that I have known all her life producing a new life herself.

I could not resist making these Converse style bootees for the little man, yes she already knows IT’S A BOY!

Crochet Converse Style Booties

This cute pattern has been squirrelled away in my little stash, of ‘things to make one day’,  for a while now and I have been waiting for the opportunity to give it an airing.  I must be honest and say that it was on the third boot that I felt happy with how it was looking, it took the three goes to get the hang of making the front sit nicely – this was totally down to me being too eager to finish and not reading the pattern more carefully.

Crochet Converse Style Booties Side ViewI have taken shots from all angles so you can get a good all round view so on to the side. The black trim line makes them look like the real thing don’t you think?

As I so often do I I have used good old Stylecraft DK which is always so great to work with, the choice of colours is fantastic especially for these little boots.

Crochet Converse Style Booties Back ViewAnd the back, I still think I should be able to improve on the joins that you can see on the white sole here.

Then on to my favourite finishing touch – the laces!

Crochet Converse Style Booties LacesI love the finishing touches on this pattern, it describes how to coat the end of the laces in glue and leave to dry before trimming so they look like real laces.

Crochet Converse Style Booties 2

So if you have a little critter of your own or indeed anyone else’s you want to make these for……… the pattern by Suzanne Resaul is available via the home of many great patterns – Ravelry.

It is a very popular pattern around the globe and has been translated into Swedish by Pysselkiisen,  Spanish by Duendecilla. and more recently Italian by Mirella.

Please note that this pattern has kindly been made available for you to use and enjoy free of any charge, also you may sell shoes from the pattern, the only thing is that is required is that you give the credit for the pattern design to Suzanne, and lets face it, she really does deserve it.


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