Charity Yarn Bombing – Part 1

At last, some photos of the event to share with you. Bunting and TreeI have to start with a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your support and contributions, all of which were put to very good use and helped to make our little event a huge success. The displays were manned over the August bank holiday weekend when we had the majority of our visitors. All the items were given a number and visitors could place a bid to buy whatever took their fancy in a sealed box.

A couple of weeks before the opening we started to stir local folk and patients curiosity when the tree on the roadside was wrapped in a clourful blanket. Patient’s would come into reception and ask “is the tree poorly’? There is a bus stop opposite and we would giggle as we watched people waiting for a bus chatter and point inquisitively.

Yarn Bomed Tree

I will break the photos down into a few posts so they are not too long starting with the floral delights and the bunting. We had lots of floral garlands and bunting around the grounds and building, it added a wonderful festive air to the whole event.

Crochet Flower PanelsWe used many of the flowers we were sent to create these flower panels to hang from the hand rail at the front of the surgery.

Crochet Sunflower Flower Panel

Crochet Poppy Flower PanelCrochet Vase Flower PanelCrochet Daisy Flower PanelA friend made the gorgeous pink potted flower, if fact she made 5 of them and another friend knitted little butterflies and bees to decorate them. They were dotted around the  garden and I have to say they looked amazing.

Crochet Happy Flowers in a Troughs

The Happy Flowers from the pattern on Attic 24 worked their colourful charm in flower troughs with the leafy trellis on the walls at either side with bees and ladybirds nestling in the leaves.

Crochet Leaf Vine and Ladybird TrellisCrochet Leaf Vines on Trellis with BeesNext I will show you the seaside scene so come back soon!

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Yarn Bombed a Gnome

Dean’s, one of our local garden centre’s have been really supportive of our yarn bomb project. They donated a couple of gnomes for us to play with, a friend has one and this is the other. I managed to get him bombed yesterday.

Yarn Bombed GnomeHe was a bit of a challenge because under his red woolly hat he is wearing a cap on sideways so the peak sticks right out. Hiding it was a bit tricky, so if you think he has a funny shaped head this is why.

Underneath the flower is a paint brush but I ran out of time to cover the paint bucket, maybe I can make it into a basket if I get time but as the event is this weekend time is what is running out eeeek!!


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Creatures of the Sea

I got a lovely surprise when I opened my post to discover all these sea creatures.

sea creaturesThey are a most welcome contribution from Belgium made by the lovely Annick who blogs as Cat Stitches. She has just finished the cutest little fox hat beautifully modeled by her gorgeous little girl Febe, it’s definitely worth popping over to take a peek.

This was a timely arrival as I had just been making the sea for the Seaside Scene we are creating for the yarn bombing so these babies have a place to rest already. And I have just made this octopus family too so these three have a ready made family.

I loved this pattern the minute I saw it and knew they just had to be part of our seaside scene.

Crochet Octopus FamilyAnd two crabs were great fun to make. The Crabby the Crab and Ollie the Octopus patterns were a great find on a newly discovered pattern source called Favecrafts.

Crochet Crabs

Here is a sneak preview of how the sea scape was coming along before these new additions arrived.

Sea Scene



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The Snail of Happiness has Arrived

We would perhaps not generally think of snails in a kind light with their tendancy to invade our gardens. For such a slow moving creature they can wreek havoc in an amazingly short space of time. This bright and colourful snail is a gift from Snail of Happiness

Snail of Happiness2

This little critter is a different kind of snail though, he leaves no slimy trail as he slithers through the garden and he doesn’t eat your favouite flowers either. All he does is add a ray of colour streaking across the lawn.

He was rather tired after his journey so enjoyed an hour or two basking in the sunshine on the wall.Snail of HappinessHe also brought all this lovely bunting with him too.
Crochet Bunting

It is now neatly stashed ready to adorn the surgery in acouple of weeks.

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Bower bird gets a perch

Originally posted on Love, Lucie:

I’ve made a perch for one of my Bower birds.Attic 24 Bower Bird
It looked lovely hanging in my sunny garden at the weekend.Bower Bird
But alas this one, along with his matesBower bird
will be flying off up to Scarborough for TheGrangeRange yarn bombing project.
So I’ll just have to make my self another.Bower Bird

Hopefully someone else will love this one enough to put in a charity bid. All the visitors to the yarn bombed GP’s surgery  in Scarborough will be able to put in a bid to purchase any of the items on display. All the money raised will be added to the charity pot.

Love, Lucie xx

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Pom Pom Bunting

I was so happy to receive this great Pom Pom Bunting in the post.

Pom Pom Bunting 4

The colour is brilliant a complete festival in one row of bunting!  Unfortunately I could not get a good shot of all the penants but here you can see the variety of colours.

Pom Pom Bunting 2

The run of six goegeous penants each has a cute fluffy little pom pom at it’s tip and pom pom’s decorate the hanging string inbetween too.

Claire of Mollie and Claire kindly sent it for our yarn bombing, thank you so much, if you have yet to discover the delights of this great blog then why not hop over there now. Claire usually has a few projects on the go so there is always plenty to see.

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Love Birds for the Yarn Bombing

How cute are these little love birds? They have been sent to alight on a tree in our charity Fantasy Garden yarn bombing at the surgery from the lovely Twisted Yarn


Love BirdsWe had a bit of a moment when we thought they had been lost in the post but thankfully they had just been delayed for some reason.

Blue Love BirdThank you so much for this gorgeous contribution. One of my friends has made a crochet tree and these will look right at home nestling in the branches.

Orange Love BirdThey are such a pretty pair I think they will definitely be staying together.

Kissing Love Birds

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